I am the phoenix
many times
hearts are broken
but never Spirit
trust is broken
but never Will
plummet depths of grief
to the core of fortitude
wisdom bears witness
to humanity
I am the phoenix
many times
My power lies in
transformation and rebirth
destroy me and further
my purpose
shedding this skin
of beautiful feathers
to surrender to ash
all that was held
You are the phoenix
many times.

(C) Magenta Nero 2015


i will never say
I do
bury that diamond
paid for with the lives of children
back in the earth
where it belongs

i will never say
i do
whore of satan
whore of jesus
daughter of no one
no rib, clay or holy breath
created me

i will never say
i do
or bow down to
imperial crown
nemesis to your justice
in the halls of

(C) Magenta Nero 2015

Streets of Rio

the city is a drumbeat
the queens parade horded streets
breathtaking bodies swathed in plumes
jewelled and dusted in gold
survivors of the jungle
and ancient ways

In the ghetto
away from tourist eyes
the drums are raw and vicious
rhythm rising from dirt in the gutters
the heat off the pavement
and off the skins of stray animals
music is the sweat of the flock
and the blood of the children
who own these streets
the pulse of the earth
in their marrow

Piercing whistles and thundering tambourines
she comes into view
bright feathers crown her head
and fashion her wings
her skin is glitter
the beat flows though her
from head to toe
she is a vessel, filling to the brim,
overflowing, emptying,
filling again
this ripple leads her forward
drums deliver her to me
the mass of bodies conspire our path
feline slink and flex
beaming smile miraculous
a free star
she brings me into her orbit
our bodies attracted
fitting perfectly in place
just long enough
to kiss
she is molten syrup
that trickles down my throat
her sweet heat pooling within me
I touch her wings
and a feather comes loose in my hands
I inhale its soiled perfume
her knowing smile
as she saunters away.

(C) Magenta Nero 2015

lost and found

we retraced

our steps

through the


skipping through garbage

pausing in doorframes

for another



to every spot

we fucked

until we found it,

my lost earring.

(C) Magenta Nero 2015


I close my eyes and see

The mountains of my homeland

Dry dirt and rubble

Harsh and barren

Scorned earth

Born with the mark

Words whispered in my ear

My name conferred

Bane of my mother

Curse of my father

Gene of madness

Lineage of Treachery

Gifts of Diana

Rising the fallen

And falling the rise

Derelict sprits and peasant queens

Olive grove and walnut tree

Night wandering bitches

Keepers of unmarked graves

(C) Magenta Nero 2015