Her desire
always present
rippling cool silent ocean
in the near distance
horizon glows
light sinking violet crimson
carnivorous petals
blooming in moonlight
her desire
mysterious silver current
veiled and blindfolded
so many ways to flow
can you capture
her desire
kindle the simmer
ignite again
breathe softly on red hot ashes
raise blue flame
the touch that takes root
both cruel and kind
and never dies
a vision you can neither grasp or forget
a shimmer on desert sand
the oasis
of her desire.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015


Come forth Lilith
your daughters in exile
summon you
come forth Lilith
across the expanse of the blood red sea
from your cave hidden deep
in perilous mountains
unchartered is your kingdom
where the mirth of rage heals
come forth Lilith
Queen of the fallen
Lady of Air
Mistress of the Word
who contains all sacred names
come forth Lilith
lift the curse of the father
We claim the power
to create and birth
with joy.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015


My fetish is your mind
the wood beneath my knees
is worn cold and smooth
from adorations I utter in solitude
My temple is your mind
consumed by the presence
air heavey with intoxicating scent
criss cross fishnet on pale skin
glossy skin tight, fit like a glove
holy harlot singing your praise :
the lace and hook of your every facet
the alluring shadows
and the shocking colours
as light streams in through
stained glass windows.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015


She feels it all
it pours in from all sides
a world of noise
tears and laughter
she is a mirror
that absorbs and swells
not able to reflect
or float on the current
She feels it all
there is no greater loneliness
madness seeps
into her every space
A blessing disguised
as a curse.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015


Queen of the Cosmic Abyss
in your name
a trace of my own
primordial glistening one
salt water chaos
spewing forth, raining down,
mother of demons
she who bore them all
your rebel children scattered
ancient cities built and destroyed
in your name
the echoes of lost history
the tablets of destiny
tales woven and woven again
the foundation of order is chaos
from galaxies beyond
slain in two to create heaven and earth
from your eyes flows the great rivers
and your remains are the stardust
of my body.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015

Daemon Kiss

glistening gold
the touch takes hold
in this embrace
the universe
timeless in a kiss
taste of blood
on my daemon’s lips
pain withheld flows into bliss
talons stroke, gentle choke
fallen angel, rising star
two as one ascending
by divine desire
true will manifest
in a kiss.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015

Lilith Flow

Lilith flows through me
vulva lush and holy cup
rolling hips and moist red lips
soft parting mouth
firm knowing touch
by phase of moon
this sacred union
incantation of blessed devotion
Lilith flows through me
call her succubus
she will oblige
and drink her fill
the fear and fantasy
her sustenance
call her goddess
she will oblige
drink from her
the nectar cursed
ecstacy swelling
quelling your thirst
have your fill
Lilith flows through me
her reality and mine
one and the same
guiding current
savour life and death
and take no blame
she skirts the edges
of what is named
periphery of mind and soul
her cave cannot be found
a place of darkness
where she resides alone
birthing demons
to plague the world
with her memory
Lilith flows through me
bride of heaven
consort of hell
uncoiling serpent
in the garden that fell
forbidden by nature
is mystery
knowledge unveiled
is symphony
the rippling, orgasmic,
terrifying, harrowing,
waves of creation
decadent, drenched,
prime sensuality
rhymes of desire, lust melody,
moist red lips and rolling hips
holy cup and vulva lush
Lilith flows through me.
(C) Magenta Nero 2015