twin flame

the burning ache

the harrowing need

pulling me under

in this lonely sea.

the empty yearning

the brimming longing

pulling me under

in this lonely sea.

always the calling

ringing in my heart

a crystal bell

sometimes it fades

sometimes it shatters my mind

calling through lifetimes

and realms

calling across star systems

spinning forward , spinning on

running the great wheel

one lifetime to the next

do i see you in all things

is it myself i seek

all a reflection of you

all a reflection of me

under my skin

under my thoughts

a parallel stream

your being and mine

and should we unite

still our task incomplete

this self a hall of mirrors

infinite reflections

through space and time




in this lonely sea.

(c) Magenta Nero 2015

Juan (a)

your beauty not of this world
your beauty in between
your beauty of your own design
your beauty incites awe
and violence

thick black curls greased into a quiff
a sleeveless white shirt
with a narrow black tie
the Virgin Mary inked on both biceps
your lips and tongue
so feminine
the stubble on your cheeks
so butch

saw you the other night
in your element among
glitter, fishnets and neon
you’ve swapped your rockabilly
for polyester suits

take me for a spin in your vintage car
I love the way you ignore the red lights
you laughed that laugh of yours
a high pitched agonising sound
like an animal caught in a trap
ringing with pain

we sat on a fence
at a busy street market
and you told me
you told me the story of
your voice is calm
your voice is even
your voice is burning my eyes

you always knew
and you taped those buds down
straight deep scars remain
where once there were curves
your father tried to strangle you
but you still love him
they beat you to a pulp
then threw you in the river
no matter what they did
you just kept
your beauty an unknown
kind of force

(C) Magenta Nero 2015

The Well

in your hand a stone,

simple, smooth, grey

almost black

rolling against your fingertips

it feels so


it seems to give you


and you notice your skin

so deeply etched now

the cracks lined with dirt

your knuckles swollen and bent

are these really your hands?

you lift them and stare at them

and the stone drops

I call your name

that smell

that is your own sour sweat

and that sound

that is my breath

racing and bouncing within

these tall narrow walls

that encircle me

I call your name

will you not come to me

and hold me again?

I won’t tell

nobody needs to know

I’m a big girl now

your nightmare entrusted to me

so closely do I hold it

so intimately do I know it

your vacant eyes roving

the helpless twitch of your lips

a glimmer under skin

where memories unravel

I will wake you

just before you scream.

(C) Magenta Nero 2015

ocean wed

bride of the watery abyss
where creatures of shadow lurk
the turning tide does not release me
waves toss, caress and throw
salty sting and vision blurred
futile kicks in the crystal blue
resolving to relinquish breath
in favour of the undertow
the speckled play of light
fading from view
the world above
is no longer my home
pulled deep down to
a black sandy bed
nevermore to be touched by light
I am ocean wed

(C) Magenta Nero 2015

The Goddess In The Mirror Speaks To Me

The light is mine
I fan my own flame
higher and higher shall I blaze
to fall apart is not to be broken
I welcome sensation, pain or bliss
scars are the sacred markings
that transfigure, transform
anew I become from the pieces
I wander the infinite wilderness of mind
my essence is not lost and rarely found
beauty and insight I seek and collect
precious stone, fallen leaves, rotting bones
emotions do not confine me
I feel them deeply then they are gone
the past becomes imaginary
it is not where I dwell
sacred desire, life force defining
the futility of coveting what is not yours
the luxury of what is received naturally
all power radiates from within
guide and mentor
the light is mine

(C) Magenta Nero 2015


come closer Madness
I beckon thee
willing the insanity
an embrace I know so well
it defies belief
of what can and cannot be
pushing limits, flooding gates,
thus flying free
pain, illusion,
drops away, rising ecstasy.
come closer Madness
I hear your voice in whispered tongues
telling me what must be done
the spiral deeper, deeper
into breathlessness
to breathe as one.

(C) Magenta Nero 2015