the one thing I hold dear,
I will turn upon it with bared teeth
and maul
the hunt is divine
the feast is sublime
it will come to pass as I have seen it
for it begins in the eye
weaving the blueprint
never mind the fine print
web of light
glittering in the night
dip into it
dip it into

(C) Magenta Nero 2014


drifting through the forest dark
branches catch me
like longing hands
but I keep moving
my feet don’t touch the ground
the silk of night spiders
drape my eyes
the gossamer veil
I pass through
the sky infinite black
the wind returns you
to me,
I don’t need to ask.

(C) Magenta Nero 2014


let me pass
so long have I stood
at the crossroads.
The incense has burnt to ash,
the offerings, once ripe and rich,
a feast for flies and worms.
let me pass.
No holy names
sweep away the veil,
nor those infernal.
No outer prayers
sway your gaze,
nor those internal.
My pledge,
my pleas,
my tears
mean nothing.
Three headed goddess,
your hounds glower,
birds of prey on your shoulder.
Symbols of beautiful clutter
that betray me with wonder.
let me pass
or hang me here
at your crossroads,
a warning for those
that follow.

(c) Magenta Nero 2014


return the
ancient words
you stole
they belong to me
my songs of praise
you used to damn
my truth you have
time has told your
Original Perversion
your told has time
have you truth my
damn to used you
praise of songs my
me to belong they
stole you
words ancient
the return

(C) Magenta Nero 2014

dark moon

dark moon shrouds me
curling inward
falling silent
gathering spiral of
blood lining building
soon to evoke and
soon to light flames
yet now darkness
eternal and empty
but for
the moans and slithering touch
of things
the hunger of my familiars
dark moon shrouds me

(C) Magenta Nero 2014