gestating succulence
pulsating womb
Creatura ripened
in spasms and pangs
a bone crushing cramp
a flesh tearing push
expelled in a slush
of mucous and blood
Creatura is born
plump and flaccid
its rings of skin
sticky and grey
it stared at me
with little black eyes
wriggled up my belly
to purr at my breast
a wet rumbling
gloved hands
tried to snatch it away
Creatura lunged and gnashed
venom paralysing
jagged little teeth masticating
the bed sheets and walls
white splattered red
Creatura returned to my arms
I licked and soothed it
massaging its prickly skin
waves of contractions
as one after another
they were born
spilling from me
crawling over me
tumbling to the floor
lapping eagerly at
puddles of blood
content beneath
the seething mass
of my offspring
a mothers joy
I named them all

(c) Magenta Nero 2014


most beautiful lace
the web of longing
suspended beyond
feeling and feeding
conduit, channel,
free of knowledge
sustained by sensation
undefined changing
flicker and flex
spark and stimulus
intricate pattern
inflicted on flesh
most beautiful lace

(C) Magenta Nero 2014


dark light befallen
irrefutable calling
presented immaculate
unspeakable sacrament
in the temple underground
glistening gold by candlelight
ancient cavern trickling wet
innermost tears of the earth
altar stone cold
body and mind transfixed
warm blood pooling
rising slowly, bathing me.

(C) Magenta Nero 2014

poet in love

poets in love
doomed from the start
rhyming outcast
satirical hearts
embedded, imbued,
aroused, renewed,
can no longer tell
which words are yours
which words are mine
metaphorical beauty
of united minds
awake in the dream
dead to the day
walking in visions
life drains away
mythos unfolding
longing enfolding
remember the moment
day, hour, minute
outside of time
and bound within it
digging our graves
deeper and deeper
cursing the gods
prayers to the reaper
nothing is spared
walk into fire
burn again, born again
perpetual desire
one life to another
one breath to the next
beside and within
together alone
undying hearts
the love of a poet
doomed from the start.

(C) Magenta Nero 2014


speaking in tongues
and the language of One
there in twilight shadow
I bekon you closer
closer still
come to me
in the way of omens
shifting visions
betwixt meanings
oblique readings
trust in the oracle
of bones and smoke
faith in the subtle
impossible truth
Messenger silent
under skin
rising from deep within
infinite eight
your presence transforms
agony ecstasy misery bliss
I become the message
whispering myself to you
receive me.

(C) Magenta Nero 2014